Profit Your Skills: Step-by-Step Instruction on 750 Words Essay

750 Word Essay

Writing texts is a tedious and time-consuming process. Struggled with it once, you’ll surely confirm that the hardest aspect is strict rules, which ruin the whole creative process.

It gets even worse when you have the word limit. Such kind of task is popular in colleges as a way of checking your productivity under stress. For example, in the school of Penn Foster, 750 word essay is often given at the end of the course, or as a part of the entrance examination. A detailed tutorial and the list of common questions will help you to deal with the task at your best.

Express Tutorial for Dummies

A good start is half the work. But how hard is it, to put everything aside and get down to writing. You may feel confused about how to begin. To avoid procrastination, use this basic sequence of actions:

#1 Analyze the Topic

Sometimes the topic is pretty simple - for example, 750 word essay about yourself is not a big deal. In opposition, even the best writer will wonder how to write a 750 word essay on respect, equality, kindness, and other eternal questions, or difficult matters such as finances.

Be ready for unfairness and, for what it is worth, do not panic. Even if it seems boring and difficult, try to consume more information. A piece of advice from your friends or videos on YouTube may help. The idea is to form your attitude, in other cases, you’ll seem indifferent and too hard.

#2 Small Research

Do not be scared – there is no need for serious study as if you were working on the article. Just a brief outlook on the topic, some interesting facts and statistics to be fact-based.

#3 Make a Plan

A high-quality essay is a logical sequence of thoughts. Before starting your job, make some short notes to arrange the information. It saves hours of rewriting and overthinking in the process.

#4 Harmonize You Notes With Structure

No matter how eloquent and creative you are, the unorganized text is not appreciated. Strict structure gives you the majority of points, so use this fact to achieve the best possible result.

Every essay has the same structure:

  • Introduction
    Describe the topic and give your opinion on the issue using thesis; be careful – you are to prove it in the next parts;
  • Argument
    Can you explain the thesis and persuade the reader? Form one or two sentences about it;
  • Examples
    A large volume allows you to choose even two examples, with double your chance to impress the examiner. Remember the case from public and your personal life, when things went according to your thoughts on the issue;
  • Conclusion
    A closure, rewriting the introduction and emphasizing the main ideas; some morals or a piece of advice are appropriate to show your involvement.

#5 Figure the Volume

You won’t count every single letter while writing, so try to define an average volume by eye. Using special services you can find out, how long is a 750 word essay. Double spaced text, for example, would take 3 pages. Having a general idea, you won’t interrupt to recheck the length.

#6 Re-Check It

Some students feel too busy and wonder only about how long does it take to write a 750 word essay, neglecting the quality. It negatively affects their performance and makes them put even more effort in the future. Take half an hour to reread the text, find grammar and logical mistakes and improve your job as much as possible.

How Does a 750 Word Essay Look Like?

To make a brief and highlight the special features, let’s compare the task with the second most popular format - 250 word essay.

250 word essay 750 word essay

Structure and words allocation

Introduction – 60
Argument – 50
1 Example - 80
Conclusion – 60

Introduction – 100
Argument – 200
2 examples (from public and private life) – 350
Conclusion – 100


Life style, morals and ethics; simple issues to train your writing skills without serious content

Hot social issues; timeless question; personal experience on some matter; anything, that requires a little research or subject knowledge

Volume of double spaced text

1 page

2-3 pages

Sources for research

Personal opinion and cases from private life; there is no need in special knowledge

Official sources, articles; facts reached by personal attitude to the issue

The thing is that the longer is composition, the more complex and argumentative it should be. Be careful 600-word essay and 750 word one is absolutely different types. Use statistics, historical facts, read articles from official resources to show your competence.

Anyway, there are no crucial differences between those two types, apart from how many pages is a 750 word essay. The length, in fact, doesn’t matter. Being skilled in writing short texts, you’ll also succeed in longer ones, just give yourself more time.

Common Mistakes

To avoid too much boring editing, prepare in advance with the most common mistakes other students do while writing.

  • Language Norms
    Being too involved in reflection, students miss simple grammar rules. It has an impact on the final point, so don’t be lazy and check the grammar one more time
  • Waiting for Inspiration
    In the perfect world, students write texts only when they are inspired and motivated. If It doesn’t so, just get a grip and cope with it no matter what.
  • Research in a Process
    Find all the information before starting. Make some notes and use only them. In other cases, you risk getting caught up.
  • Being Spontaneous
    Once again – the structure is half the battle. You may write different parts separately and get confused in your thoughts. It is better to have a basic plan.

As you see, there is no need for writing talent to manage college tasks. It is given to improve your vocabulary and logical thinking. The particularity of 750 word composition is the opportunity to put more information and thoughts in it. Instead of panicking about it, use the feature to impress your reader and show as much knowledge as you can.

Good luck!