Write Like a Pro: Step-by-Step Guide and Special Secrets for 200 Word Essay

200 Word Essay

Let me guess: you’re sitting in front of your computer, exhausted and nervous, googling how to manage another boring task from the college.

Indeed, writing an essay is a stressful job, especially accompanied by short terms, difficult topic and picky teachers.

Sometimes you’ve got really extraordinary requirements. A lot of universities and employers ask people to write a 200 word essay to check their ability to express thoughts short and sweet.

Brevity is the soul of wit, you know. To learn the ropes with ease, complete an ultimate guide of writing and look through the basic specificities.

Distinguishing Features

To have a general idea of what does a 200 word essay look like and how to write it correctly, compare it with more usual types: 750 word essay and 500 word essay.

750 word essay 500 word essay 200 word essay

Approximate volume

2-3 pages

2 pages

less than 1 page


Introduction – 100 words
Argument – 250
2 examples from different spheres of life – 300
Conclusion – 100

Introduction – 50-60
Argument – 180-200
One strong example – 200
Conclusion – 50-60

Introduction – 50
Argument – 50
A short general example in 1 or 2 sentences – 50
Conclusion – 50
Introduction - 50
Body - 100
Conclusion - 50

Common type


Argumentative, rarely narrative or critical

Usually narrative;
Rarely argumentative on a simple everyday topic;

Sources of information

Official websites; statistics; facts accompanied by your attitude;

Interesting facts; examples from public or personal life;

Story from personal life, subjective opinion;


Strong social matters, philosophy; topics with necessary research;

Opinion on timeless questions or social issues;

Everything connected with your personality – story from life or your thoughts on some point.

To sum up, the smaller is the composition, the more personal and simple it becomes. For example, 200-250 word essay about myself is a popular task on job interviews.

How does this help?

Now you can outline the whole strategy of writing and searching for arguments.

Let’s say, to show your knowledge in religious life, you are given such an unusual task as 200 word essay about Jesus Christ and what is his mission to the world.

Creating a large text, you would use information from gospels and historical resources, while in a short composition general knowledge about Christian values and a short quote would be enough.

You Make Those Mistakes: How to Fix

If you study in a group, you’ve probably noticed that students often have similar troubles and lose their points on the same things every time.

Take advantage of it, using others’ experience to avoid common mistakes.

  • Procrastination
  • Having your 200 word essay due tomorrow, memes and videos on YouTube are not the best decision. Whether you’re afraid of starting or fell too lazy today, you’ll regret it tomorrow.
    In this case, the advice is pretty obvious – just start. You don’t know what to write? Make a plan, search for information concerning the topic. Even asking your friends for help is better than doing nothing.

  • Feeling Nervous
  • Let’s be honest: what influence does 200 word essay have on scholarship or passing the interview?
    It is a drop in an ocean that can be easily covered by other activities. Do your best, but don’t worry about the result too much.

  • Poor Vocabulary
  • It is the most visible in short texts: using the same words you seem unnatural and boring. Nowadays, there are plenty of services to find synonyms and definitions.
    Use them to enrich your style with the fresh constructions and impress the reader.

  • Putting Too Much
  • Having a wide topic for discussion, you try to cover all the aspects and feel confused about how to put in a short composition?
    Such themes are intended to give you the choice. Moreover, almost every topic can be narrowed. If you are given Maine inns 200 word essay, you can either describe your own trip in a narrative style or analyze tourism’s impact on the economy.

Stepwise Instruction for the Perfect Job

After the preparation is done, let us start. Follow the step-by-step instruction suitable for any paper, even for analysis essay.

1. Decide the Topic

As it was mentioned, every issue can be accustomed to your skills and knowledge. Analyze it and pin down with a definite matter.

2. Research

Never mix research with the creative process. Take yourself time to find and note everything you need. Try not to search for additional data.

3. Arrange the Information

Good structure determines success. It helps to build a logical story, form sentences and even analyze the question.

For a 200 word essay, the structure is basic:

  • Introduction: tell what you are going to talk about and give your opinion on the matter.
  • Argument: provide an explanation for your thesis.
  • Example: do not go into the details. Just simple evidence for your thoughts.
  • Conclusion: repeat your attitude to the issue and tell why you were (or weren’t) right.

4. Know the Volume in Advance

People often forget this matter and that have to cut their texts down. Search for how long is a 200 word essay and how many pages is it. Usually, it takes less than a page but varies on the space, font and text size.

5. Reread and Edit

Some students find it unnecessary for short tasks – how can you make a mistake in such small text? In fact, your eye is tired anyway and the most obvious errors are possible.

Put the job aside for a couple of minutes and then reread it. If it is possible, let your friends do it for you. Maybe they can even offer you some ways to improve the work.

Good luck!